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John S. Allen John S. Allen's home page 02-04-15 c Home page
John S. Allen The fish and bicycle page 02-04-15 c Humor A serious inquiry into the history of the saying."A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" and a gallery of examples of how this saying has been appropriated by cyclists.
John S. Allen Bicycling Street Smarts 02-04-15 c Education A short but thorough exposition of vehicular cycling techniques. Full text and illustrations online, and with ordering information for paper copies.
Andy Rubel Bicycling Street Smarts 02-04-15 i Education Ordering information for paper copies of Bicycling Street Smarts
John S. Allen Pennsylvania Bicycle Driver's Manual 02-04-15 c,f Education the text is from the first (Rodale) edition. Preferably link to the version on my site for content, and to the Pennsylvania version to indicate that government CAN promote vehicular cycling.
John S. Allen How to ride in Boston Traffic, or anywhere 02-04-15 f Education A short exposition of vehicular cycling, on the Massbike site
John S. Allen About bicycle reflectors 02-04-15 c Equipment A suite of several pages describing how reflectors work, the relative strengths and weaknesses of lights and reflectors, what equipment bicyclists need to ride at night, and issues of government and commercial errors relative to reflectors. Includes many photos and illustrations.
John S. Allen A tip of the helmet to my helmet 02-04-15 i Equipment A crash story, an endorsement of helmet use.
John S. Allen Riding side by side 02-04-15 i Politics A discussion of whether and when it is really necessary to ride single file, and of the law as it applies to this issue.
John S. Allen Traffic signal actuators 02-04-15 i Politics A discussion of technical, political and legal issues about signal actuation. Illustrated.
John S. Allen Comments on the new Massachusetts Driver's Manual 02-04-15 i Politics A review of the bicycle-related contents of the manual. A number of corrections to the manual have been made as a result of an earlier edition of these comments. Under revision and temporarily has come broken links, as the Massachusetts Registry keeps moving the manual's URL. GRRRRRR!
John S. Allen On bicycling, the sense of hearing and headphones 02-04-15 i Politics An analysis, as opposed to the usual safety bromides on this topic. Makes the point that laws prohibiting headphone use are discriminatory and can lead to unfair judgments in accident lawsuits (it happened in a case in which I testified as an expert..
Doug Mink Bicycle laws 02-04-15 c, f Politics An important reference to which I have contributed, links to the traffic laws and special bicycle laws of all US states and some foreign countries. Doug Mink, is happy to receive additional submissions.
John S. Allen A summary of Massachusetts laws as they apply to bicyclists 02-04-15 f Politics I wrote this for the Massbike site.
John S. Allen 1991 LAB position on helmets and helmet laws 02-04-15 i Politics I was the principal author of this statement, which looks to mitigate the ill effects of poorly-written helmet laws.
John S. Allen A realistic look at bicycle facilities 02-04-15 c Politics Contents page for discussions of bicycle facilities issues: about bike lanes, sprawl, bike paths including a fairly definitive reference on sidepath hazards, research related to sidepaths, and translations of documents from the ADFC in Germany documenting an European backlash against sidepaths. Also advanced stop lines and tailwind tunnels.
John S. Allen Massachusetts Bicycle Advisory Board Report 02-04-15 c,f Politics I was a charter member of the Bicycle Advisory Board in the 1980s and wrote much of this report. It is a good report, much of which has been ignored.
John S. Allen Massachusetts bicycle facilities and bike bans 02-04-15 c Politics This is the contents page for a number of pages about bicycle facilities in Massachusetts. Generally expresses a jaundiced perspective about them. Illustrated.
John S. Allen Boston area bicycle facilities and programs 02-04-15 c Politics A subsection of the above, pages about bicycle facilities and programs in the Boston area giving examples of good and bad design. Please look through the individual pages to find those which relate to items on your own site. Illustrated
John S. Allen Bicycle program and facilities recommendations for the St. Louis area 02-04-15 c Politics An examination of roads , paths, bridges etc. etc. undertaken as a follow-up to my 1990 seminar I gave in St. Louis. Heavily illustrated with photographs.
John S. Allen Massachusetts Bicycle Facilities Inventory 02-04-15 c,f Politics This is a report published as a product of work for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and does not reflect my opinions. It provides a good overview of what is going on and what the public and government officials want.
John S. Allen Touring routes in the Berkshire and Connecticut River Valleys 02-04-15 c,f Politics The route selection and recommendations in this report DO reflect my opinions. This report is useful as a discussion of route selection criteria, and also useful as a touring reference. A map based on its recommendations is available from Rubel Bikemaps,
John S. Allen Postings and reviews of bicycle-related research studies 02-04-15 c Research 1976 Bikecentennial study, Kaplan's LAW/WABA study from 1975, 1982 Boston study and 1980+/- Missoula study of car/bike collisions. Ross Petty's study of the effectiveness of CPSC regulation. Critiques of the CPSC studyand Bicycle Safety related Research Synthesis. Links to studies on other sites.
John S. Allen Curriculum vitae of John S. Allen 02-04-15 i Witness Describes my background as an author, activist and expert consultant in the filed of bicycling
John S. Allen A list of cases in which John S. Allen has testified 02-04-15 i Witness A list of cases in which I have testified
John S. Allen Expert witness in bicycle accident lawsuits 02-04-15 i Witness A discussion of the litigation process as it works for participants and society at large, and the role of the expert witness in the process.
Dr. David Gordon Wilson Can litigation coexist with product innovation? 02-04-15 i Witness A thoughtful article on the tension between litigiousness and technical innovation. Describes Wilson's personal experience with insurance issues relative to the Avatar recumbent bicycle.
John S. Allen Plaintiff, expert witness and attorney discuss a case 02-04-15 i Witness An illustrated description of how a bicycle accident case was investigated and resolved.
John S. Allen Failure of Pacifc Positrack 7000 suspension fork 02-04-15 i Defects A warning about an egregiously defective product. Illustrated with photos.
John S. Allen Hazardous bicycle handlebar stems 02-04-15 i Defects Egregious design -- stems which appear on casual inspection to be as strong as others, but are dangerously weak because the forward extension is split. Illustrated with photos.
John S. Allen Avoiding product liability risks 02-04-15 c Witness How faulty assumptions about a safety-related product can lead to crash risks for bicyclists and liability risks for the manufacturer, distributors and retailers. How can these risks can be avoided? "IllumiNITE" reflective fabric ads show bicycles without headlights or reflectors required by law. 3M "Early warning" reflective fabric was promoted in the same way 20 years earlier.

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