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Minneapolis bicycle facilities --

John S. Allen

While attending the Pro-Bike conference in St. Paul, Minnesota in September, 2002, I took the opportunity to ride over to Minneapolis to view the bicycle facilities in that city.

The map of downtown Minneapolis below is from the the Hennepin County Bicycle Map, downtown Mineapolis section.

Downtown Minneapolis bike routes, from
the Hennepin County Bicycle Map.

minneamap.gif (34399 bytes)

Another map published online by the City of Minneapolis also shows the location of bicycle racks and lockers. To the credit of the city, they are numerous in the downtown area.

I observed and took photographs on four of the streets with designated bicycle facilities which are shown on the map on this page, and also I rode through southeast Minneapolis, location of the University of Minnesota.

Note that both maps are incorrect about the one-way direction of contraflow bike lanes. The maps only show the normal one-way direction of the streets. Also, the city's map does not show the bike lane on 11th Street S. which I rode.

I have prepared separate Web pages for:

  • Marquette Avenue S. (in dark blue in the map above). Bicycle travel is legal in both directions, but the designated bicycle facility is a contraflow bike lane adjacent to a contraflow bus lane -- both opposite the one-way arrows on this map as well.

  • 11th Street S. (in gray in the map above). Beginning at Marquette Avenue, this street has a more conventional bike lane adjacent to parallel parking, on the right side.

  • Hennepin Avenue (in black in the map above). There is a two-way bikeway down the middle;

  • 4th Street South (in light blue in the map above). This street has a bike lane to the left of a same-direction travel lane, and adjacent to a contraflow bus lane.

  • Southeast Minneapolis. The area has bike lanes on most major streets.

I have also prepared a brief evaluation of Minneapolis bicycle facilities as I observed them and a review of the Hennepin County Bicycle Plan. (Minneapolis is in Hennepin County).

Cyclist Alec Kloss has prepared some thoughtful comments aobut these pages and about cycling in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

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