Background documents from the 1971-1974 Massachusetts bicycle law revisions

These documents are from MIT Professor Dr. David Gordon Wilson's archive from his participation in Dr. Paul Dudley White's Committee for Bicycle Safety. I thank Dr. Wilson for access to the archive and the opportunity to copy the documents. I had limited time to copy them. I photographed them with a digital camera, so the copies are a bit rough, but they are readable.

The documents are Adobe PDF files.

Chapter 85, section 11B of the Massachusetts General Laws, bicycle rules and equipment, before the 1971 revision

1971-12-09 Wilson letter to Sen. William Saltonstall, review of proposed legislation

1972 Petition for legislation with Wilson's notes about onerous provisions

1972-01-22 Wilson's testimony in legislative hearing on bicycle rules of the road legislation

1972-01-31 Wilson's testimony in support of Senate bill 1047, to allow use of gas tax money for bicycle facilities

1972-02-01 Massachusetts S1176, a bill for a master plan and a system of bicycling and hiking trails

1972-11-01 Saltonstall's invitation to a meeting to discuss bicycle legislation

1972-11-24 Wilson's testimony at a legislative hearing about bicycle operation and equipment

1973-02-05 S1374, bicycle trails and footpaths bill

1973-02 S881, bicycle rules of the road, also bicycle lane legislation

1973-03-01, hearing notice for S881, S882 and S883.

1973-03-26 Wilson letter to Dr. Ralph Galen about laws

1973-08-01 S1847, revised version of S881

1973-08-07 Saltonstall on status of legislation

1973-09-21 Acts 806 with signatures

1974-02-26 Saltonstall on implementation of legislation