Bicycling Street Smarts:
Riding Confidently, Legally and Safely
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This compact tutorial, available as a 46-page booklet and in an online version, will increase your safety and confidence while bicycling on any road, whether you are a beginner or an expert. You'll have more fun and feel better about riding, be it for pleasure, fitness or transportation. It has been published in several editions and sold well over 300,000 copies. The most recent edition is available in print, and on this Web site.

Custom editions, too!

State transportation department? Bicycle manufacturer? Advocacy group? University safety program? inquire of the publisher!

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Pennsylvania Bicycle
Driver's Manual, 2000

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Generic online version
print version 2001

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Ohio Bicycling
Street Smarts, 2002

Also online


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...provided with new Breezer bikes, 2002


Florida Bicycling
Street Smarts, 2003, 2009

2009 version online
2018 version on paper


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Arizona Bicycling
Street Smarts, 2004

Also online


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Idaho Bicycling
Street Smarts, 2006


Online in
Romanian, 2008


California Bicycling
Street Smarts, 2009


Online, left-hand
drive, 2010


Online, in French,


Your custom edition could be next...!