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S. B., MIT, February 1975, Electrical Engineering. Thesis: "Designing, Patenting and Marketing an Innovative Musical Instrument."

B.A., Middlebury College, 1968, German Literature.

Certified CyclingSavvy instructor, 2017-

Certified League of American Bicyclists Effective Cycling Instructor/League Cycling Instructor since 1982. Effective Cycling advisor for Massachusetts, 1990-1995.

Enjoy bicycling, reading, music; experienced in machine shop, woodworking. Hold Extra class amateur radio and first class commercial radio licenses. Fluent in German, French; capable in Spanish.


2008-2010 Member, Technical Advisory Committee; 2006-2008, Recording Secretary and member of Executive Committee, Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition, advocacy organization. 2003-2008 Member, Board of Directors. 1989-1992- President, predecessor organization, Boston Area Bicycle Coalition. Member, Board of Directors 1982-1985, 1987-1994. Active in Coalition since 1977.

2003-2009 Member, Board of Directors, League of American Bicyclists, national bicyclists' organization, and member of its Education Committee. 1989-1993, Member, Consumer Affairs Committee, drafted policy on helmet laws. New England Regional Director's Distinguished Service Award, 1991. Founder and member of Massachusetts State Legislative Committee, 1982-1983. Initiated effort for bicycle headlight bill signed into law in 1983 and drafted helmet bill signed into law in 1993. State Legislative Representative, 1984- . League member 1979-.

1996-2000, 2007- Member, Waltham Bicycle Committee. 2007-2009: Chair

2014- Member, Board of Directors; 2005- Member, Safety Committee, Charles River Wheelers. 1988-1992 Safety Coordinator; member since 1979. Leader of extended tours.

2005-2012 Member, Massachusetts Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board.

2003- Member, Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals.

2003- Member, Bicycle Technical Committee, National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. 2011- Recording Secretary

2003-2012, 1980-1992 Member, Hosteling International/American Youth Hostels.

2003-, 1984-1995, Member, International Human Powered Vehicle Association.

2002-2004 Member, Board of Directors, Bicycle Transportation Institute

1998-2001 Participant, Massachusetts Bicycle Safety Alliance

1998-2000 Member, Steering Committee for development of national bicycling curriculum (U.S. Federal Highway Administration)

1994-2005 Member, Bicycle Mobile Hams of America.

1991-1996 Member, Cambridge (Massachusetts) Bicycle Committee.

1992 Member, MIT Bicycle Committee.

1990-1992 Member, Massachusetts Governor's Highway Safety Council.

1987-1991 Member, Massachusetts Bicycle Advisory Board.

1989-1991 Member, National Bicycle Policy Project Advisory Council.

1985- Member, Adventure Cycling Association/Bikecentennial.

1984-1987 Member, Effective Cycling League.

1983-1985 Member, American National Standards Association (ANSI) Technical Advisory Group on bicycle standards.


2010- Webmaster updating content of the Web site of the late Sheldon Brown.

2006 Coach, PacTour Desert Training Camp

2003-2004, 1996, 1992, 1984, 1980 Co-author, Sutherland's Handbook for Bicycle Mechanics, third and subsequent editions (Sutherland Publications), the bicycle industry's parts interchangeability "bible"; 1992: Co-author, Sutherland's Handbook of Coaster-Brake and Internally-Geared Hubs.

2002 Member of team developing a national curriculum for police about bicycling, working under contract to the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition

2002 Juror, Taiwan bicycle industry international design competition, Taichung, Taiwan.

2001 Assisted Massachusetts Governor's Highway Safety Bureau in development of materials on bicycling safety.

1999 Conducted seminar on bicycle transportation for the St. Louis area. Wrote report, posted on the Internet.

1999, 1995, 1994, 1990, 1987, 1984, 1982, 1978 Co-author, Boston's Bikemap (Rubel Bikemaps). Selected routes for urban route map; 1982-: wrote safety instructions.

1995- Gathered research on bicycle use on the island of Martha's Vineyard.

1995 Technical consultant employed by the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition to conduct a statewide bicycle facilities inventory under contract to the Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation. Principal author of inventory report.

1994, 1993 Researched and wrote reports on bicycle touring routes and commuting routes under contract for Massachusetts Highway Department and Department of Environmental Management.

1990- Trained Boston Metro, Providence, MIT, Lexington and Waltham, Massachusetts police in riding skills. Have taught Effective Cycling/Bicycle Driver Training classes in Boston area since 1982.

1990 Revised Basic Bicycling booklet for League of American Bicyclists.

1988-1994 Contributing Editor, American Bicyclist magazine.

1987 Wrote booklet Bicycling Street Smarts, about correct and safe techniques for urban riding (Rodale Press). New edition published by Rubel Bikemaps and on the Internet, 2002. Customized versions published as the state bicycle driver's manuals of  Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Arizona and Idaho and by Breezer Bikes, a manufacturer of utility bicycles. Total circulation over 400,000 copies. Left-hand-drive and French versions are online.

1988, 1987 Instructor in MIT course "Planning for Bicycling."

1985-1986 Revised Glenn's New Complete Bicycle Manual, a major bicycle repair text (Crown Publishers, New York).

1985 Contributor, Bicycle Repair, Easy Bicycle Maintenance, Century Challenge Training Guide and Riding and Racing Techniques, (Rodale Press).

1985-1986 Consultant to Metropolitan Area Planning Council, Boston, selecting routes for the Massachusetts Bicycle Map; the routes were later adopted by Rubel Bikemaps for its series of bicycle touring maps; continuing consultation with Rubel Bikemaps 1994-present.

1984-1993 Contributing Editor, Bicycle Guide magazine. Author of numerous articles; consultant for startup of magazine.

1984 Consultant on bicycle riding skills for Silver-Burdett children's book Things to Know Before You Buy a Bicycle.

1984 Co-author, Expert Bike Handling (Rodale Press, 1984).

1982- Expert witness-consultant in bicycle accident cases. Undertook research which led to resolution of numerous major claims. Testified at depositions and in court.

1981-1984 Editor at Large, Bike Tech magazine. Author of numerous articles on maintenance, dimensional standards, lighting and reflectorization, and mechanical theory.

1980-1984 Contributing Editor, Bicycling magazine. Wrote many articles about riding technique, facilities design standards, repair and maintenance. Consultant to the magazine.

1981 Contributor, The Durability Factor (Rodale, 1981).

1980 Author, The Complete Book of Bicycle Commuting (Rodale, 1981): a comprehensive handbook for use of the bicycle as transportation under demanding urban conditions.

1979 Contributor, Bicycle Commuting (Rodale, 1980).

1977- Author, over 200 bicycling articles in magazines named above as well as Bike World, Boys' Life, Human Power, Consumer's Digest, and other publications: subjects: riding technique and maintenance.


2000-2016, 1998, 1997 Attended Massachusetts Moving Together Conference/Bicycle Conference. Workshop leader, 2008, 2002, 1998, 1997.

2016 - Attended I Am Traffic 2 conference of the American Bicycling Education Association.

2016, 2014, 2009, 2005 Attended International Cycling History Conference. Gave presentation on the history of the League of American Bicyclists at the 2009 conference, on Massachusetts bicycle-related laws at the 2014 conference and on the cycling history of Commonwelath Avenue, Boston at the 2016 conference.

2002- Attended National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices Bicycle Technical Committee meetings; member of the committee. Recording secretary 2010-

2014, 2010, 2008, 2004, 2003, 2002, 1996 Attended Interbike international bicycle trade show (Las Vegas, Nevada; Anaheim, California).

2013 - Attended I Am Traffic Colloquium, founding event for the American Bicycling Education Association.

2008, 2002, 2000, 1996, 1992, 1990, 1984, 1982 Attended Pro-Bike Conference, an international gathering of bicycle specialists and activists from government, planning and public interest communities. Workshop leader, 2002, 1996.

2009, 2008, 2005, 2004, 2001 Attended National Bicycle Summit conference, Washington, DC

2008 Attended Boston Bicycle Summit, Boston, Massachusetts

2007, 2005, 2002 Attended League of American Bicyclists Bicycle Education Leaders Conference

2003, 1993, 1990, 1982, 1980 Workshop leader on traffic riding techniques at National Rally of the League of American Bicyclists. Attended National Rallies, 2004-2008

2000 Invited participant, NHTSA National Bicycle Safety Conference, Washington, DC

1998, 1995, 1994, 1990, 1988 Workshop leader, GEAR, annual rally of the League of American Bicyclists. 1985, workshop leader, Gear in the Bluegrass, southern rally; 1984, 1983, 1981, workshop leader, Gear-Up, northeastern area rally.

1995 Participant in conference organizing American Society for the Testing of Materials (ASTM) bicycle standards committee.

1995 Workshop presenter, Playing It Safe child safety conference, Worcester, Massachusetts.

1994, 1981, 1979 Attended national tandem bicycle rally.

1995 Workshop leader at Massachusetts Bicyclists' Conference. Co-chair, 1994.

1992 Attended Bicycle Federation of America workshop on Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act, Washington, DC. Prepared and edited conference transcript.

1991 Co-chair, East Coast Bicycle Conference, Cambridge, MA; attended 1989 conference, New York, and 1987 conference, Washington, D.C.

1991 Workshop leader, Pro-Bike Northwest Conference/League of American Bicyclists National Rally.

1990 Attended Let Kids Live, conference on pedestrian and bicyclist safety and mobility issues, Hollywood, Florida.

1990 Consultant, Traffic Safety Curriculum Development Conference, Vermont Department of Education.

1990, 1989 Workshop leader, Massachusetts Lifesavers' conference. Organizing committee member for 1992 conference.

1989 Attended Atlantic City Interbike Expo (trade show).

1989, 1987, 1985, 1983 Led workshops at the New England Area Rally. Member of organizing committee, 1983.

1987, 1984 Attended International Human Powered Vehicle Association championships. Judge in Practical Vehicle Competition, 1984,

1987, 1986, 1985, 1983, 1982, 1980 Attended New York's International Cycle Show (trade show). 1984, attended Bicycle Dealers' Showcase Exposition, New York. 1983, panel member, Bicycling magazine seminar for industry representatives on improving product lines. 1982, speaker, Bicycling technical conference.

1985 Attended National Forensic Center conference of expert witnesses and litigation consultants, Chicago.

1983 Featured speaker, Vélo-Québec bicycle industry conference.

1980-1983 Participant and workshop leader at annual meetings of the Bicycle Network, an international bicyclists' advocacy group.


Bicycling for transportation and recreation since 1964, averaging 2,000-5,000 miles per year in recent years, more than half in Boston urban traffic in all seasons, weather conditions, day and night; the rest in tours of 20-100 miles per day. Travel by bicycle in and around San Francisco; Los Angeles; Portland, Oregon; New York; Philadelphia; Baltimore; Washington; Albuquerque; Orlando; St. Petersburg; Phoenix; Tucson; Montréal; Paris; Taichung, Taiwan; Inchon, Korea and other cities. I own nine bicycles, specialized for different purposes (3 folding bikes, travel bike, day touring bike, long-distance touring bike, mountain bike, "trashmo" for city riding, tandem.) I assemble and maintain all of my bicycles myself.


Translations: I have translated three books from German for MIT Press; and frequently prepare technical translations from German and French into English.

Photography: experienced in sports and close-up work.

Extensive computer experience using PC and Windows with graphics, word-processing, Web development, audio and video applications. I maintain my own Web site.

Programming: expert programmer in Cakewalk Application Language

Gibson Corporation, Nashville, Tennessee: consultant on patented design improvement of guitars for improved intonation.

Key Concepts Inc., Allston, MA: Chief engineer and founder of company developing an innovative, computer-based keyboard musical instrument. Mechanical design, production engineering. I hold three patents on this invention.

Kronos, Inc., Waltham, MA: Designed, tested and refined mechanical components of a computer-based workplace time recording system; this included production engineering of drum and dot matrix printers.


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